You and your new puppy

Puppy Booklet

Your new best friend will go home with a booklet discussing care that is needed to sustain a healthy, well-balanced pup.  Some things to also consider prior to bringing a pup home are:


Importance of Grooming

Doodles and Poodles require frequent brushing to maintain a healthy coat and to avoid painful matting in their coats.   Continuing to touch your puppy, play gently with ears, feet and face will help ensure your puppy continues to tolerate activities that will happen during grooming.


Quality Food and supplements

High quality food and supplements will allow your pup to grow and maintain health for years to come.  We use Taste of the Wild – seafood – puppy we supplement with pumpkin.  We will share the link for both of these items. 

We have socialized your puppy and taught specific items like ‘recall’ to call your pup back to you.  This is very helpful and a stepping stone to general obedience.  Additionally it is a safety tool to bring your puppy to you if you find him in a potentially unsafe situation.  Continuing this work and reinforcing it in a positive manner is essential to continued growth of your pup.